Vanabout in photos

A walkabout is spiritual journey through the Australian wilderness, following the mystical paths of former generation and connecting with land and people.

A vanabout is my European adaption with a van.

So I am wandering Europe with my van. And as long as I am not really blogging about my journey, I am just adding a few selected photos to this page from time to time. New photos go on top.

Have a look to this map that shows my favorite (wild) camping spots.

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By the way, my other van is a pretty 1974 Volkswagen, called Petervan, and it is even a bit more popular on Instagram.

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Finding my balance on a slackline between vans. Some Photoshop might be involved.


Enjoying the perfect spot in the French Alps at Lac de Grand Maison.


I do not want to leave this place in Portugal.

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A van with a view.
This is actually the End of the Old World – or the most western point of continental Europe.

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Last night I was checking the stars at the beach. They were complete.

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My van was patiently waiting in front of the beach bar at Tarifa beach, while I was getting drunk.

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When I was taking some photos of me with my van in the background, the bar keeper gave me this beer, “because it looks better on the photo”. Thanks, man!

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This spot was next to Tarifa in Spain. Perfect (and legal) wild camping.

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Kite surfing at the beach of Tarifa, Spain. The mountain in the background is already in Africa.


Flying my copter was a bit tricky, since it was very windy. I broke just one blade when crashing.

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Perfect evening at a remote beach in Spain.

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There is nothing like the morning light in the woods.

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Full moon and some stars, the photo was actually taken on Christmas eve