A European walkabout of a photographer and his van, reconnecting with land and people.

I am Peter Eich, a mathematician and philosopher by education and a serial entrepreneur and an investor in every day life. From time to time I am suffering the travel gene.

I am also know as Cyclepeter, and here you can find more about me.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. howdy. love what you’ve got going on here. great stuff! i’m building out a sprinter myself, and i am looking for one of those tiny little windows like you’ve got up top on the side… any clue where that came from? i’d certainly appreciate it if you knew, assuming it didn’t come with the van
    thanks very much. :-)

  2. Do you have a video or picture of your layout? I bought a Ram ProMaster 3500 and am building it out now. I’m always looking for great ideas.

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